What Chiro Time do differently?

Every patient has a unique story and different lifestyle so Chiro Time approaches each and every patient with different techniques & relevant advice accordingly for their care. This can help patients to heal and recover faster allowing them to function at their best. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy your daily lives to the fullest with long term results!

New Patient visit (30 – 45 mins):

  • Patient’s history
  • Thermography & sEMG scan (No radiation)
  • Spinal exam, neuro test & ranges of motion

Report of Findings visit (15mins):

  • X-ray analysis explanation (if clinically necessary)
  • Health goals
  • Care plan & lifestyle advice

Regular visit (10 – 15mins):

  • Spinal adjustment

What is Chiropractic?

‘Chiro’ means hands and ‘practic’ means practice. Thus, chiropractors use only hands to check and adjust the spine. Our spinal system is connected to the rest of body, from brain through nerves allowing us to move our hands & legs, to balance, digest food and to detect cold or hot weather.


Chiropractors specialise in finding the main misalignment that can be acute (< 6 mths) or chronic (> 6 mths), arising from injuries, falls, postural stress, overuse and even activities in your daily lives. Patients may commonly experience muscle tension, headache, pain and decreased motion overtime. These misalignments are corrected with specific spinal adjustments given by your chiropractor. In this way, your body is able to function at your best.


Who we help?

Chiropractic care is for everyone with a spine!


Many patients come and visit a chiropractor with many different health challenges. This could be from your body system not being able to function at its best, which may be represented as headaches, frequent ringing in the ears, aches, decreased movement, slouched posture, poor sleep, low energy levels, poor digestion and many more. However, pain is only one of the signals from your body telling you that something is not right. Chiropractic do not fix or cure any condition but instead address the dysfunctional areas of your spine that is stressing your whole system. By adjusting these areas of misalignment in your spine, your brain and body connection can improve. Thus, it is recommended to take care of yourself early, reach greater health instead of losing your happiness & wellness.


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