New Patient visit: $ 125
Regular visit: $ 94
Report of Finding (ROF) on the 2nd visit – No charges applies**
Spinal X-rays if clinically necessary, is payable at X-ray Centre.


*Special price available for children (<12), students, NSF & senior citizens (>60) concession visit care plan rates are also available (Call us for more information)

**T & C applies.

*All services provided are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Frequently Asked Question

How many times do I have to visit a Chiropractor?

Your chiropractic healing journey with us will be divided to 3 different stages: Healing, Stabilization, Maintenance. The 3 stages of healing for patients at Chiro Time are based on presentations of their signs and symptoms, severity of conditions, past or existing conditions and current health status.


Chronic condition (more than 6 months): Frequency of 2 to 3 times in a week during healing stage.

Chronic exacerbated with neurological deficits/conditions (more than 6 months): Frequency of 3x/week during healing stage.

Acute condition (less than 3 months): Frequency of 1 to 2x/week during healing stage.


Healing stage is the first stage when you start your chiropractic journey. This is the stage where you are coming in for care with stress and symptoms depending on your condition. Your body will be changing and adapting to the new alignment in your body with chiropractic care. It is also the ideal time to start changing your habits and postures as the majority of the changes in your body happens here.

Stabilisation stage is the second stage where most of the signs and symptoms are reduced. Your body will start to integrate and adapt to a new position and this is one step towards balance and stabilisation. This is actually one of the most important stages among them all, as when your body gets stronger and healthier, your speed of recovery is faster enabling your body to get more fit and balanced. At stabilisation stage, many patients experience better body balance, elevated mood, stronger muscle, higher quality of sleep and many more.

Maintenance stage is the third and last stage of healing and maintaining a good body balance and alignment helps in overall function of our body. Most patients are not coming in for discomfort anymore in this stage but instead regular body tune up to keep our body at its best optimal state. Patients who have better digestion and bowel motions during previous stages, can continue to have such benefits and changes with care. The key for maintenance is for prevention to reduce the risk of injuries and maintaining your physical performance at peak level.


These stages are general guidelines of healing and each person’s condition may vary with underlying and concurrent conditions that they are presented with. All care plan and frequency are personalized for every individual patient and based on their needs and discomforts. In some cases, we work together with other medical and alternative healthcare professionals to get our patients conditions even better. It is recommended to seek for professional help to have a clearer idea of how we can help you. Embark your health journey with us!

Can I claim insurance for my chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care may or may not be covered under some health insurance policies or employment benefit packages. You can claim for chiropractic care depending on your insurance plans and policies covered.

MediShield or Integrated Shield Plans are not covered for chiropractic care in Singapore. Some companies that chiropractic care is covered are AIA, AXA, Great Eastern, Prudential, NTUC Income, Sigma and many more. Insurance policies and coverage varies and may require different criteria and requirements for chiropractic care depending on your specific insurance plan. For some patients, they are required to submit documentations for reimbursement via insurance claims if applicable to their respective insurance company in the form of receipts, detailed doctors’ letter or memo, or a referral from a licensed medical practitioner for chiropractic care.

For better clarification, please check and confirm with your respective individual insurance provider or company to determine if chiropractic care is included in your policy to what extent.


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