Dr. Sonia Youn


Hi, Dr Sonia here! I came to Singapore when I was in my teens and fell in love with the culture and food over here. The community and locals are very welcoming as well.


As a student, I always fell asleep on my desk while burning the midnight oil and thus, always had neck pains and frequent headaches in the morning. My parents were very worried and brought me to see a chiropractor. My chiropractor told me that at my age, I am not supposed to have such discomforts.


With each adjustment, my concentration level improved gradually so I was able to study efficiently and even my digestion improved. I was surprised to find out that my bad sleeping posture and stress level can affect my organ function too. I decided to become a chiropractor to help patients with similar problems, who may not know the benefits of chiropractic care.


Now, I cannot imagine a life without chiropractic and would love to share the benefits of chiropractic to all walks of life in the local community.

Dr Sunny Youn


Hello everyone! I am Dr Sunny. I came to Singapore when I was five and grew up here so Singapore is my home.


I was very interested in biology and decided to pursue my career in the healthcare profession. Being an active sports player since primary school in my CCAs and outdoor activities ranging from badminton, table tennis, swimming, handball, floorball, roller blading and many more. This repetitive overuse has resulted in occasional sharp pain in elbow, constant clicking of wrist, and not able to lift my shoulder properly.


Moreover, without me knowing, I was having very tight low back muscle which I thought were normal. Then, I was introduced to chiropractic when I was 18. I thought chiropractic was only for spine problems but was able to help me with my wrist, elbow and shoulder as well. I was very attracted to chiropractic’s natural approach of getting people better just by using hands.


So I have decided to become a chiropractor to help patients to achieve their health goals. It is an accomplishment for me when patients get better from their original state and enjoy their lives to the fullest.